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Tree Removal & Other Services in Sussex, New Jersey

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Wouldn't you like to plant roots for your property's appearance and safety for less? You can when you hire McCullough Tree Experts. Improve the landscaping of your home or business to be safer and more attractive with tree trimming and removal, as well as other services, from our Sussex, New Jersey, professionals.

Tree Removal
No tree is too big or too small for our fully insured/licensed and certified arborists to remove. Removing diseased or dead trees from homes, power wires, and other areas keeps your family and businesses safe. Sometimes just a good pruning will be just what is needed.   Whether your tree needs to be removed due to age, disease,or storm damage, call us to remove it off your property—we use cranes for hard-to-reach trees or spyder lifts when access might not be available.

Tree Experts, Tree Trimming in Sussex, NJ

Tree Trimming
Trees bloom better when they're trimmed, so keep your foliage healthy with our tree trimming services. We also remove dead wood to keep trees looking their best year-round.

Stump Grinding
Don't let an unseen stump cause injuries to your loved ones or employees.. We remove whole stumps and grind down 6" to 8" below the surface,  making it look like your stump was never there.

Land Clearing
Done with a fleet of trucks and chippers, our land clearing services are what you need to quickly and efficiently level land for new homes, businesses, pastures, office buildings, and other projects. We clear small lots to large acreage for your convenience.

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